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Are basic & feature phones making a comeback?

江苏11选五开奖结果 Simple functions sans the bulk and steep price appeal to consumers.

Shandong Ruyi to acquire Invista's Lycra brand

The China textiles giant expects deal completion by mid-2018.

6 dates to know when manufacturing before Chinese New Year

You should have your products ready for shipment 10 days before the official public holiday. Otherwise, there's a high chance you won’t be able to ship your goods until the end of the holidays.

Smart Sourcing

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"Winter is coming" – China sourcing outlook 2018
Given the increased scrutiny on environmental protection, steady cost increases, and shift from low cost, heavily polluting commodities, it makes sense to consider a China+1 strategy.
2 easy Amazon PPC hacks you can apply
Find out how you can generate an in-depth report of your advertised SKUs and achieve your target ACoS through more shrewd bidding.

Product News

Auto Parts & Accessories See more

China-made all-around car GPS trackers hot
GPS trackers with multiple security features dominate. Advanced systems "listen" and "speak".

Consumer ElectronicsSee more

Download the Commercial Electronics eBook for free
Find smart and efficient advertising and holographic displays, sound systems and more in this free eBook.

Electronic Components See more

Chip capacitor makers target releases in scaled-down package sizes
Major players in China lead R&D and production of units in 0201 and 01005.

Fashion Accessories & FootwearSee more

Wooden watches retain natural appearance
The latest wooden watches come in colors and finishes highlighting the material's environment-friendly look.

Fashion Apparel & FabricsSee more

Blends lead China's bamboo fabrics selection
Makers combine bamboo fibers with other textiles to enhance functional properties.

Gifts & Premiums See more

Green trend in Philippine gifts and premiums strong
Handcrafted home decor, stationery and promotional items that use sustainable, recycled or upcycled materials.

Hardware See more

Lawn mowers from China get smart, easier to use
The latest lawn mowers have automatic settings for movement, multiple functions and remote control options.

Home Products See more

Multiple functions drive men's rotary shavers selection
Units with interchangeable heads for shaving, trimming and brushing lead China-made releases.

Mobile ElectronicsSee more

Wireless units drive China's headphone beanie selection
Models utilize Bluetooth technology to enable a wireless music playback experience.

Security Products See more

Home security market worth $51.5 billion through 2022
Convenient cloud-based and affordable solutions make home security products in-demand.

Smart LivingSee more

55% of US households to have voice-activated speakers by 2022
Smart voice-enabled speakers will continue to be popular in the US market.
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